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Hardcore and Warm, BAIC Hi·Me Debut over Cloud


On March 11, BAIC Group held the 3rd session of its 2020 online release conference for health care auto products, launching smart health cabin Hi· intelligent technology, health experience and human care, and realizes all-round man-machine interaction from ambient temperature to air cleanliness, visual and olfactory comfort. BEIJING-X7 equipped with a smart health cabin will be launched in the middle of the year.



\During the unexpected Covid-19 outbreak, everyone is holding his ground, helping one another, and taking his responsibility. When it comes to BAIC Group, it guards the travel safety and health of people with intelligence and technology. Its products with the smart health cabin Hi·Me will take us to reviving spring.

BAIC, Travel Safety Protector

“H” in Hi·Me stands for healthy, “I” for intelligence, and “Me” for every user of the brand BEIJING. The smart health cabin will be a strong protector of our travel safety with advantages as eco-friendliness, healthy in-car environment, and intelligent care for the driver.


Hi·Me is more than a new concept. What on earth affects our health in a car? At the release conference, Chen Hongliang, President of BAIC Motor, and Wu Songlei, a popular science influencer and leader of PaperClip, analyzed the product professionally from intelligence and health perspectives.


Chen Hongliang said, “We usually pay more attention to the appearance, shape and performance of a car but tend to neglect safety factors, which matters everything to our life. BAIC Motor has an idea of “macro safety”. It comprises active safety and passive safety.”

Passive safety systems play a role in minimizing injuries caused to driver and passengers in the event of an accident, such as airbags and zone body. Active safety systems actively avoid accidents, such as lane departure warning, forward collision warning, door open warning, automatic break and blind spot detection, which can effectively avoid risks and protect passengers.


Health safety belongs to active safety, such as improving in-car air quality. Aimed at the Covid-19 situation, BAIC installs its new vehicles with CN95 filter element certified by CATARC, which, like a safety net, provides over 98.5% of droplet filtration efficiency and ensures much better air quality in the car than outside the car.


\As to the interior materials, all key parts of the smart health cabin from seat to door panel are made of allergy-proof materials. It ensures driving and riding comfort for the aged, babies and people susceptible to allergies by strictly controlling VOC and PM in car. Car air fresher extracted from purely natural essential oil makes your trip comfortable and quality-life close at hand.


Hardcore Technology for Man and Car in One

The essence of Hi·Me lies not just in intelligence and health but also in humanity, in constantly satisfying people’s yearning for a better life.

“Xiaobei, I’m a little cold.” Hi·Me will automatically turn on the heating mode. It can understand your needs even if you don’t say it. When it detects excessive air pollutants outside the car, it’ll automatically switch to the in-car circulation mode to block hazardous substances outside the car. It can be remotely controlled to reduce contact, so you and your family could feel at ease. In the future, you can use steering wheel to monitor your heart beat and seek professional advice of your health through online medical consultation.


In the future, Hi·Me will use big data, ICV technologies like heart rate monitoring and fatigue sensing, and exclusive online medical consultation app to build a man-and-car-in-one health ecosystem and guard your travel in an all-round manner. Through real-time monitoring of the driver’s breath and heart rate, people can stay safe and sound even when driving a long time or driving at night; the fatigue driver detection system will follow the driver’s state all the time, ensuring his physical and emotional comfort the whole journey.

BAIC Group Fighting against the Covid-19 Outbreak

Guided by the “new energy+ ICV” strategy, the Hi·Me release conference is a milestone in BAIC Group’s efforts to fight against the Covid-19 outbreak with technology and warm the future with intelligence.


Wuhan, the worst-hit city, is responsible, strong and courageous in the outbreak. Beijing, hard hit in SARS, sympathizes with Wuhan. The doctors successfully accomplish their mission with their persistence and expertise. BAIC will also do its part.  

Since the outbreak, BAIC Group and its members have donated more than RMB70 million. BAIC Group has comprehensively resumed work and production, promoting epidemic control on one hand and steady growth of business on the other. In light of new demands brought by the outbreak, BAIC Group launches commercial vehicle remote intelligent doctor service which realizes functions including analysis of driving behaviors, early diagnosis of vehicle defects and remote upgrading of vehicle systems through IoV. BAIC will launch 5 products such as EV5 ultraviolet disinfection vehicle, negative pressure disinfection vehicle, vaccine refrigerated vehicle, and medical waste transfer vehicle of BAIC Motor, and K21 medical waste transfer waste of Fruida to support health upgrading of the logistics industry.